Finding a new investment property

Finding a new investment property

  • What You Need to Know About an Asbestos Management Plan in Queensland

    An asbestos management plan is a written plan for how asbestos is managed and contained when it's found on a commercial property. Not all asbestos is automatically removed when it's discovered on a property, as containing the material is legally allowed and also a better choice in some circumstances, and removing the asbestos can disturb it and cause it to become airborne. However, when asbestos is contained on a commercial property, a management plan must be put into place and maintained as well.

  • Utilising Child Labour: Four Manageable Tasks Your Kids Can Handle During Removals

    Getting children to help during removals can be tricky. In many cases, it's simply hard to find jobs that younger kids are capable of doing well without getting underfoot. However, if you want your wee ones to help, there are certain things they can do. Take a look at these tasks that can be modified for kids from toddlers to primary school students. 1. Pack categories of items. If you are eliciting children to help with packing, you need to help them pare down the task.

  • Property Management | 3 Strategies To Set The Right Written Expectations With Your Property Manager

    If you don't live in the same city as your investment property or even if you do, hiring a property management partner is a good idea when you don't have the time to deal with tenants on your own. But you obviously want to make sure that you get your money's worth with your property manager. This guide aims to equip you with strategies to set the right written expectations with your property management partner.

  • How To Deal With Rats

    In recent years, extra-large 'super rats' have been seen scavenging in urban areas, showing little or no fear of people.  It's thought that the rodents have flourished on a diet of scraps and rubbish discarded by human households.  Rats, 'super' or ordinary, carry harmful diseases and bacteria including E.Coli, Weil's disease, salmonella, cryptosporidiosis and tuberculosis, as well as a collection of mites and fleas.  These creatures are clearly not houseguests anyone would welcome!

  • Choosing the Best Location for Your Property Investment to Attract Families

    When you are choosing a location for an investment property, there are a number of factors to take into account. Here are some ideas of locations that can be attractive to families as renters rather than young singles and share housers. The local schools For young families it is often important to be close to the local schools so that they can easily commute to school and make local friends. If you are interested to know whether the areas you are looking at have any draw card schools, check the government's myschool website.

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    Finding a new investment property

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