Finding a new investment property

Finding a new investment property

  • What to Consider when Hiring Commercial Cleaning for Your 24-Hour Gym

    Studies have shown that the level of bacteria in a gym can be very high and harmful. This means, your 24-hour gym, with a constant stream of customers, can't rely on the small everyday cleaning your staff could provide. You want your clients safe and you want the proper amount of cleaning done to maintain that safety. This will likely lead you to hiring a commercial cleaning service. If you aren't sure how to go about this, consider these few points and how to approach them with commercial cleaning companies.

  • 4 Tips for Staying Safe When Staying in Motels

    Whether you are travelling alone or with people, you may have to stay in a motel for a night or two. It is vital to consider safety while looking into your motel options, as well as change your habits to ensure that you don't put yourself or friends at unnecessary risk. The following are tips for how to choose a room and what to do to protect yourself/selves. 1. Choosing the motel room

  • The Hidden Costs of DIY Removals

    Some people may think that it is always cheaper to move your belongings on your own without the help of professionals. However, such people may not be aware of some of the hidden costs associated with DIY removals. This article discusses some of those hidden costs that may make your DIY removal more expensive than what you would have paid professionals. It Is Time-Consuming DIY removals consume a lot of time when compared to removals undertaken by professionals.

  • How Great Property Managers Maintain Great Tenants

    Having a really great property manager can help to make sure your property stays tenanted for as long as possible. With average Australian rents of $347/week even a two week vacancy each year to re-let the property can leave you a hefty $694 a year out of pocket.  Here are some ways that property managers can keep tenants in the property.  Quick repairs One of the most common reasons that tenants contact the property managers is to get repairs done quickly.

  • New Homebuilders | 4 Ways To Get The Magazine-Worthy Bedroom You've Always Wanted

    If you're planning to build a new home, there's no better time than now to make sure you get the dream bedroom you've seen in magazines but could never have before. Creating a magazine-worthy bedroom requires careful space configurations and smart furnishings infused with your own personal style. This guide offers you smart tactics to get the bedroom you've always wanted when working with your new homebuilders. Choose A Side With A Good View

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    Finding a new investment property

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