Finding a new investment property

Finding a new investment property

Termite Treatment: 3 Tips to Improve Effectiveness of Termite Pre-Bait

Lynn Alexander

One of the most effective termite treatments that help eliminate entire colonies at a time are baits. To get the termites to consume toxic bait, you first have to put out pre-bait, which is basically composed of only wood. The pre-bait is used to attract the termites and establish an eating pattern. They do take some time for the termites to find, and baits can take anywhere from a few months to 1 to 2 years to control termite colonies. If you're interested in using this termite treatment method, these 3 tips can improve the effectiveness of the pre-bait.

Place Several Pre-Bait in Suspected Termite Feeding Grounds

There's no telling how long it's going to take termites to find one of the pre-bait stations. If you want to improve your chances of attracting termites, put out several pre-baits in suspected termite feeding grounds. The more pre-bait stations that you install, then the higher the chances are that the termites will find the pre-bait. This will take some effort on your part, considering the fact that you'll have to monitor all of the stations you put up regularly.

Use Above Ground Installations in Conjunction with Below Ground Installations

You never know whether the termites are feeding above ground or below ground. You'll increase your chances if you install both above ground and below ground pre-bait stations. Above ground pre-bait stations can be installed directly in the path of active termite tunnels, especially once the mud tubes have been broken. It's easy to determine where to install the above ground pre-bait stations, although the installation might affect the internal structures of your home.

Allow Termites to Feed for Some Time Before Switching Pre-Bait with Toxic Agents

The bait is only effective if enough worker termites eat the toxic bait and are affected. If not enough worker termites eat the toxic agents, then the toxic bait that you've switched with the pre-bait stations will basically be rendered ineffective. Because of this reason, you don't want to switch the pre-bait stations with toxic bait as soon as you see termite activity. Wait a bit before switching to confirm that the pre-bait stations have attracted a fair amount of worker termites,


There are plenty of different toxic agents and chemicals that you can switch with the pre-bait stations once you have attracted a fair amount of worker termites. When using termite bait to eliminate entire colonies, patience is key. You need to be consistent and wait for the worker termites to find the pre-bait stations on their own first.


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