Finding a new investment property

Finding a new investment property

How to Help Sell Your Home With Home Staging

Lynn Alexander

When you put your home on the real estate market, you need to ensure it can compete with other homes in the area; this means pricing it properly and getting it ready to be seen. Unfortunately many homeowners don't know how to make their home look appealing to potential buyers. Home staging can help; this refers to creating a look with your house that isn't necessarily your style, but which potential buyers might like. Note a few more details about the home staging process and how it can help get your home sold.

Keeping colors neutral

One important part of home staging is to give your home a neutral look that many buyers might like, even if this look isn't to your taste. For example, you might prefer a bold blue paint color on the walls versus a more toned-down white, but that bold blue may appeal to a very limited number of buyers; some might actually hate the shade and be turned off to your home because of paint colors alone. 

While you might assume that potential buyers could just repaint walls, note that many buyers want a turnkey house, meaning one that requires no work on their part, even just painting. A more neutral palette of paint colors can then appeal to more potential buyers.

Never show empty rooms

When a room is empty, buyers may have a hard time imagining how they would use it and it may seem like a waste of space. To address this with home staging, rent furniture or extra pieces you need for an open house. For example, you might not use your home's office at all, but setting up a desk and chair can help buyers see themselves using it. A spare bedroom might also be empty if you never use it, so to ensure buyers remember how many bedrooms your home has, stage that space with a bed and nightstand.

Making it inviting

A cold and impersonal space will usually appeal to few buyers, as they want to live in a home that is welcoming and comfortable. Home staging can mean bringing in plants, accent pillows, rented artwork, and other such items that make a house feel like a home. If you don't have these items yourself, remember that you can always rent them for open houses, or you might consider investing in these accessories that you can then take with you to your new home.


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Finding a new investment property

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