Finding a new investment property

Finding a new investment property

The Hidden Costs of DIY Removals

Lynn Alexander

Some people may think that it is always cheaper to move your belongings on your own without the help of professionals. However, such people may not be aware of some of the hidden costs associated with DIY removals. This article discusses some of those hidden costs that may make your DIY removal more expensive than what you would have paid professionals.

It Is Time-Consuming

DIY removals consume a lot of time when compared to removals undertaken by professionals. This is because you may not have the experience that is needed to perform different tasks, such a packing, as quickly as professionals can. The excess time that you take could have been devoted to other productive activities, such as supplying goods and services to your customers or clients. You may discover that the income that you would have earned during the time you spent on a DIY removal is much higher than what it would have cost you to pay professional removalists.

Irreparable Damage to Rare Collections

Another hidden cost that may make it unwise for you to undertake a DIY removal is the damage that your valuables, such as a rare wine collection, may sustain due to your lack of expertise in moving such items. Such valuables may be damaged because you were not aware of the special measures that one must take in order to shield the items from the vagaries of moving, such as fluctuating temperatures and vehicle vibrations. Professional movers plan how to relocate different specialised items safely so that their clients are satisfied with the service rendered. That attention to detail is worth more than the sums of money that you may try to save by undertaking the removal on your own.

Unforeseen Liability

Another hidden cost of DIY removals is the heightened liability to which you are exposed during the relocation. For instance, the rental truck that you use to transport your belongings may sustain severe damage when it hits an overhang, such as a bridge, that your basic navigation system could not warn you about. You are also likely to be liable in case a friend injures himself or herself as he or she helps you to pack or carry your belongings into the truck. The resultant medical bills can make you regret the decision that you made to attempt a DIY removal.

Save yourself from the risks associated with DIY removals. Find affordable removalists in your area and let them take charge of ensuring that your relocation is hassle-free.


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