Finding a new investment property

Finding a new investment property

New Homebuilders | 4 Ways To Get The Magazine-Worthy Bedroom You've Always Wanted

Lynn Alexander

If you're planning to build a new home, there's no better time than now to make sure you get the dream bedroom you've seen in magazines but could never have before. Creating a magazine-worthy bedroom requires careful space configurations and smart furnishings infused with your own personal style. This guide offers you smart tactics to get the bedroom you've always wanted when working with your new homebuilders.

Choose A Side With A Good View

When planning your home layout, keep in mind that a bedroom always feels better when you wake up to a pleasant view outside your window. When planning the overall layout, consider placing the bedroom on a side where you can wake up to a nice view outside –– whether it's your backyard, leafy trees or even a river. Plan this layout carefully with your new homebuilders because you won't be able to make many changes once the overall house design is complete.

Open Up The Room For Increased Natural Light And Ventilation

A dull bedroom can be extremely depressing and nowhere close to what you see in professional magazines. You may want to consider placing your bedroom in the corner of your home because you will have the opportunity to place more windows on adjacent walls. This offers you the benefit of more natural light and greater cross ventilation through your bedroom –– creating the magazine-worthy look you're going for.

Create Seamless Outdoor Flow From Your Bedroom

Connecting your bedroom with an outdoor living space is an excellent way to make it feel larger and more luxurious, giving it the same appeal you see in magazines. Depending on your level, your bedroom can either open to a patio deck or a wraparound balcony. Adding French doors to create this seamless outdoor flow will dramatically enhance visual space.

Plan Your Furniture Layout Thoughtfully

Your bedroom's layout must accommodate every piece of furniture you want to add to the room. For instance, while every bedroom has a bed wall, think of whether you want to add dressers, TV's, side tables, nightstands, chairs, desks and mirrors. If you want a special reading zone, then you may also need a lampstand installed. Work with your architects and new homebuilders to ensure that there is enough room for all the furnishings you desire without compromising on circulation and moving space in the room.

Follow this guide to help you get the magazine-worthy bedroom you've always wanted when working with new homebuilders and architects to design your space.


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