Finding a new investment property

Finding a new investment property

What You Need to Know About an Asbestos Management Plan in Queensland

Lynn Alexander

An asbestos management plan is a written plan for how asbestos is managed and contained when it's found on a commercial property. Not all asbestos is automatically removed when it's discovered on a property, as containing the material is legally allowed and also a better choice in some circumstances, and removing the asbestos can disturb it and cause it to become airborne. However, when asbestos is contained on a commercial property, a management plan must be put into place and maintained as well. Note a few things you need to consider about such a plan if you own a commercial property with asbestos.

The management plan is for everyone's viewing 

An asbestos management plan is not meant to be confidential; workers and visitors to the building have the right to review this plan, and it's also the legal obligation of a building or business owner to inform their workers and visitors of asbestos being present in the workplace. Typically signage is required in areas containing asbestos, and management or the owner of a business is also obligated to notify their staff of steps they are taking to ensure worker safety.

The plan includes a timetable

Along with a plan of what you are currently doing to manage asbestos on your property, it should also include a timetable for what inspections will be necessary and when they will be performed, and for how you will manage risk assessment in the future. Depending on your location, you may be required to have your building inspected periodically so that your asbestos containment measures can be monitored, and this should be included in the management plan so workers who review it know that the asbestos is being contained properly.

Reasons for decisions are included

When you make a decision about how to manage the asbestos in your facility, the reasons for those decisions are also included in this management plan. For example, if it's been recommended that you leave the asbestos alone because it can be easily contained but may become airborne during removal, or because there is too much asbestos in your facility to remove safely, you need to include these reasons for containment. If the containment measures are changed, your reasons for this are also included along with the decision that was made, when the containment was changed, and so on. This will ensure everyone who inspects that plan knows that the asbestos is being contained properly and that their safety is assured.


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