Finding a new investment property

Finding a new investment property

Utilising Child Labour: Four Manageable Tasks Your Kids Can Handle During Removals

Lynn Alexander

Getting children to help during removals can be tricky. In many cases, it's simply hard to find jobs that younger kids are capable of doing well without getting underfoot. However, if you want your wee ones to help, there are certain things they can do. Take a look at these tasks that can be modified for kids from toddlers to primary school students.

1. Pack categories of items.

If you are eliciting children to help with packing, you need to help them pare down the task. Don't hand them a box and send them to their room. Instead, give them a specific category of items to pack. For example, remove enough clothing from their closet or chest of drawers to last a few days during the move, place those clothes in an overnight bag and then, instruct your kid to box up the rest of the clothes.

Alternatively, tell your kid to pack their soft toys, dolls, railroad tracks or any other specific item. Giving them a category to focus on makes packing easier and helps them avoid distraction. Also, make sure that you pick a category that doesn't have a lot of breakables involved. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter how clothes or soft toys are packed.

2. Label the boxes.

As you pack boxes, assign your kids the task of labeling them. This is great for kids who are working on their writing skills or kids who love to draw. They can write the destination room on the box, add pictures of the contents or do similar things. While labeling boxes is important, this is mostly a simple (and non-critical) task for a kid who needs something to do so they aren't underfoot.

3. Carry out boxes.

On moving day, older kids can help with some large items, and you can often appeal to their helpful side by complementing their strength. However, if you have kids who are too small to pick up the other side of a sofa, you may want to elicit their help carrying boxes to the truck. As you pack, set up a pile of lightweight boxes so that on moving day you can delegate that task easily.

4. Clean the house.

Cleaning a house when it's empty is arguably more fun and easier than cleaning when the house is full. Once the house is empty, let your kids scrub walls, wash floors or vacuum. Make it more fun by using shaving cream to clean the floor or timing your kid as he or she tackles each task.

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